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    Sunday, February 10th, 2019
    12:36 am
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    Tuesday, April 14th, 2015
    8:25 pm
    A letter.
    I don't know if you'll ever get the chance to read this. If you do, know a few things for a true and honest fact.

    I'm sorry about how things are between us. I've prided myself on repairing bridges, and patching up old wounds that do nothing but fester and kill the host. But everything I've done is, pardon the pun entirely, "best for business". Its not a catchphrase entirely, but a definite way of life. Ironically, this one's going to deal more with my life than my job. There's a fine but strong thread that ties one into the other, and I can't let either half be strangled.

    We're older now. For a good, strong bit of time we shared our dreams, and hopes with one another. Eventually we hit two differing paths. To be fair, it was half a lifetime ago and we'd be lying if we could say we were the same people then as now. I, for one, have much less hair. And not in the Shawn Michaels way of "nature's barber". Want to hear something crazy? If we'd have had children, they'd be looking at colleges today. I've moved on in my life. The most important title or role that I can have is "Dad". Four crazy women at the house can attest to that.

    That's another thing. Stephanie didn't "steal" me from you. If it was a fling, I wouldn't have put in the time and effort I have. If it was a ladder move, I've invested almost twenty with her and certainly would have flamed out. Its almost scary what's turned from rumor to reality in your mind, and we can only pray that you find your way back to the right. That's not to down your job choices. I'm not angry with the parodies on my end. Public figure, character in my own right, I'd have no chair to stand on when it comes to poking fun at people. I'm more disappointed with the insinuations for those close to me. Vince, for all his peculiarities, is the grandfather to my children. They're not involved in this pretty one-sided war.

    You'll ask about your legacy. Before and while you do, I really want you to think hard about what and how you want to be remembered. The strong, confident woman who fought the world and usually kicked it right in the ass. Or someone less than herself who's striving to be relevant? I can't say you'd be welcome back with open arms and an "all is forgiven" talk. Maybe you're not in the place to even want that now. Do know that I'll always think of you at your best than not. Its more than a hoot that the corporate raiding, degenerates have grown up to be what we are. Triple H is helping to run the WWE. The New Age Outlaws are training the next generation. XPac is not in custody. All these would have been considered angles at best when we ran hard. Now? Its reality.

    Like I said, you'll probably never read this. Its captured for posterity now so someone may pass it along. But I wish nothing but the best for you, and hope that someday you'll get the peace and calm that you deserve.

    All my best,
    Monday, December 16th, 2013
    10:12 pm
    It might not be coal, but I certainly have something to stuff Stephanie's stocking with this holiday.
    Tuesday, November 5th, 2013
    7:05 pm
    Test Result 126643: Angry Big Show beat downs are amazing for the sex life. Or it's Dean's haircut
    Wednesday, September 5th, 2012
    4:33 pm
    From the Desk of....well, me.
    I'm a little disappointed that WWE or the internet fans didn't break the news before I did. If you haven't seen it, go dig. I'll be here when you get back.

    Still here? Outstanding. Now, I've been known to type this up on company letterhead, as part of it's always been the monthly rah-rah, or the "go team" that everyone expects me to spill out. Instead, I've figured that nobody really wants the motivational speeches each time out. I can talk to most, if not all of you as adults, and professionals and its not too much to ask for the same respect.

    So I can open part of this up as a forum. I'll allow anonymous questions, or comments and will answer each in turn. As an ask, keep it somewhat professional, or not digging too deep into the personal life. If you're looking for insanity, bad sex stories and other bold faced lies, track Joanie down in whatever couch she's auditioning on and see if she'll talk.

    As an aside, I'm going to have to be the adult on that one and do the whole "act as if" on her work. Anybody that wants the short and dirty version, again, there's a spot below to ask. Although, I'm sure [info]stephmlevesque is going to be either flattered or horrified at the actress who's playing her. I mean, Future!Stephanie in ten or fifteen years of hard partying.

    Keeping with the monthly follow up on things, my arm is still "broken", and anybody who wants to dispute why I didn't take recent -cough-photos-cough- wearing it, was because some jobs require you to keep the mystery up, and others mean you just need to worry about the outdoor side. Also, a guy can't make a lunch run and not be TMZ bombed anymore? Wow.

    Also, if anybody is more creative than I am for AIM names and wants to throw an old man an idea or two, please again, leave it below. Nothing too ridiculous though, my kids are a lot more computer savvy than my tag partner is.

    Current Mood: breezy
    Monday, September 28th, 2009
    11:22 pm
    When you do what we do, sometimes there's a toll.

    Who am I kidding? Often, if not constantly we're paying a piper for our lives. Seeing a personal friend of mine having to fight off charges, and explain why he's in possession of a steroid given to horses brings that to a glaring, hard light.

    But we do it for the love. For the rush, for entertainment. And on Sunday, a type of show idea that's pretty much related to gladiator games is right in the forefront.

    Hell in a Cell is the career taker. Or the Star-maker. And by the time the weekend is over, I'll have logged in my eighth. Seven times before I've spilled blood, and created a different story each time out.

    This time, I'm in teaching mode. Two amazing young talents in [info]princecody and [info]amillionhere are lining up against Shawn and myself. A match that's almost unheard of, this shortly into their careers. And I refuse to let myself harm that. Ted, Cody, you've learned at the feet of one of the best. Orton is showing and proving himself as a wrestler, and a leader here.

    Might be a complete jackass at times, but he's doing what he needs to.
    Thursday, July 30th, 2009
    4:31 pm
    Want to know me? Take a look inside. And big thank yous to Katie for putting this on our page and on our minds.

    Survey time: )

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    Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
    10:41 pm
    Its always amazing to see things through others eyes. I wouldn't think of myself as a terrible person, just an opportunist.

    Everything in my career has been done for just that. The personal life, well, that's personal. I don't need to put my closed door affairs out for the world to see or discuss. And for those who did, your track record speaks for itself.

    I could say that I'm kind of shaken, or surprised at it, but nah. I'm not. I do wish that anyone with an issue as to how I've behaved could tell me that. Don't be afraid of what I can do. Respect me for who I am. Because in all honesty, there's not a single person in this industry who's not me-first. If you claim otherwise, you're lying.

    But, maybe I can throw a bone to the masses. Sure, in the eyes of a few I "slept my way to the top". I didn't dedicate the past fifteen years in becoming a better wrestler, or a more versatile entertainer. Why, I should have put over every son of a bitch in boots that's come through these doors. I mentioned Scott Steiner before, and that I made the right call with him, but screw it, there should have been more.

    I have laid down, stepped back, and watched as plenty of talent came through the ropes of my ring. Let there be no doubt. I make megastars. There's not a single person that can claim a bad match, or better than that, a bad payday from working with me.

    And make no bones about it, that's what the true bottom line is. So make your plans. Cheat. Look for different ways to screw, and screw over one another. If you don't want to dedicate yourself to being the best, get out of my company. There's no room for disloyalty.


    Current Mood: annoyed
    Thursday, March 12th, 2009
    12:04 am
    "As he was valiant, I honour him; but, as he was ambitious, I slew him"
    I'm guilty of a lot of things. Humility isn't exactly one of them.

    Anybody who knows me, knows that I've worked long and hard to be Triple H. A brand name in itself, and a true blood heel by nature. Its probably the one thing I can claim over Ric, because God knows, you can't really root against that man most times.

    Me? I love the bullseye. Let me take the bullets that anybody can fire. If there's one thing that I've worked on throughout my career, its big shoulders. That makes me the one person who can carry the glory and the blame if it comes down to it.

    I've made career choices that some would say are suicidal, or absolutely stupid. But my track record speaks for itself. If you're not named Scott Steiner, you can't claim a bad match with me. I won't let it happen. That guy, well, I admit it. I hung him out to get exposed. I was injured and couldn't be bothered to drag something that just wasn't there to begin with. Was he a genetic freak? Sure. He was an athlete and a half fifteen years and better knees ago. By the time he got to me? He was all bluster, veins, and profanity. I can't justify putting that over as the face of the company. Call it politics, call it undercutting. The end justified the means here.

    Not sure what made me throw this out like that. Might have been the after effects of dealing with two monkeys jumping on the bed. Didn't get a fall off and a bump on the head though.
    If that happens Mama Kong shows up looking for a dick on a plate. So I let the two wear themselves out and sleep soundly after all of it. Simple solutions. That's what I strive for sometimes.
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